MyKWU provides a single point of entry to access your personal, academic, and financial information. Here is a quick directory of helpful KWU staff.  Also, refer to Quick Links for other helpful links.  


Office of the Provost{expander}

Name: Dr. Damon Kraft - Provost   Bldg: PH 320  Phone: (785) 833-4332

Name: Jill Koster - Administrative Assistant Bldg: PH 320  Phone: (785) 833-4332

Office of the Registrar{expander}

Name: Jasmin Dauner  Bldg: PH 285  Phone: (785) 833-4320

Office of Student Financial Planning{expander}

Name: Michelle Jensen  Bldg: PH 285   Phone: (785) 833-4316

Business Office{expander}

Name: Stephanie Jensen  Bldg: PH 185  Phone: (785) 833-4349

Student Success Center (Tutoring){expander}

Name: Joseph "JD" Koons Bldg: PH   Phone: (785) 833-4398

Student Development (Residence Life){expander}

Name: Micah Crosley Bldg: PH 125   Phone: (785) 833-4330

Learning Management System (LMS) and Course Support{expander}

Name: Dr. Jamie Kootz    Bldg: PH 410    Phone: (785) 833-4427

IS & Tech Support (Email/Residence Hall Wifi){expander}

Name: Justin Taylor     Bldg: PH 190        Phone: (785) 833-4444

Campus Security{expander}

Phone: (785) 829-6017